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Tallangatta Secondary College Safe and Responsible use Agreement for Internet and Digital Technologies

Tallangatta Secondary College believes the teaching of Cybersafe and responsible online behaviour is essential in the lives of students and is best taught in partnership between home and school.

21st century students spend increasing amounts of time online, learning and collaborating. To be safe online and to gain the greatest benefit from the opportunities provided through an online environment, students need to do the right thing by themselves and others online, particularly when no one is watching.

Safe and responsible behaviour is explicitly taught at our school and parents/carers are requested to reinforce this behaviour at home.

Some online activities are illegal and as such will be reported to police.

Part A – School support for the safe and responsible use of digital technologies

Tallangatta Secondary College uses the internet and digital technologies as teaching and learning tools. We see the internet and digital technologies as valuable resources, but acknowledge they must be used responsibly.

Your child has been asked to agree to use the internet and mobile technologies responsibly at school. Parents/carers should be aware that the nature of the internet is such that full protection from inappropriate content can never be guaranteed.

At Tallangatta Secondary College we:

  • have policies in place that outline the values of the school and expected behaviours when students use digital technology and the internet
  • provide a filtered internet service
  • provide access to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s search engine Connect education.vic.gov.au/secondary which can be used to direct students to websites that have been teacher recommended and reviewed
  • provide supervision and direction in online activities and when using digital technologies for learning
  • support students in developing digital literacy skills
  • have a cybersafety program at the school which is reinforced across the school
  • use mobile and collaborative technologies for educational purposes (e.g. podcasts, netbooks, photos from excursions)
  • provide support to parents/carers to understand this agreement (e.g. language support)
  • provide support to parents/carers through information evenings and through the document attached to this agreement for parent to keep at home

Tallangatta Secondary College Safe and Responsible Use Agreement for internet and digital technologies (including the DER)

Part B – Student Agreement

When I use digital technology I agree to:

  • be a safe, responsible and ethical user whenever and wherever I use it
  • support others by being respectful in how I communicate with them and never write or participate in online bullying (this includes forwarding messages and supporting others in harmful, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviour)
  • talk to a teacher if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe online or see others participating in unsafe, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviour
  • seek to understand the terms and conditions of websites and online communities and be aware that content I upload or post is my digital footprint
  • protect my privacy rights and those of other students by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers, addresses and images
  • use the internet for educational purposes and use the equipment properly
  • use social networking sites for educational purposes and only as directed by teachers
  • abide by copyright procedures when using content on websites (ask permission to use images, text, audio and video and cite references where necessary)
  • think critically about other users’ intellectual property and how I use content posted on the internet.
  • not interfere with network security, use of other proxies, the data of another user or attempt to log into the network with a user name or password of another student
  • not reveal my password to anyone except the system administrator or the teacher
  • not bring or download unauthorised programs, including games, to the school or run them on school computers
  • be responsible for data backup

The College acknowledges that most students own mobile phones and ipods/mp3 players and bring them to school. Given this and our commitment to 21st Century Learning mobile phones/ipods/mp3 players may be used for educational purposes.

  • mobile phones should not interfere with the Teaching and Learning Program
  • mobile phones should be kept on silent at all times and used only in the case of emergencies.
  • protect the privacy of others and never post or forward private information about another person using Short Message Service (SMS)
  • only take photos and record sound or video when it is part of an approved lesson
  • seek permission from individuals involved before taking photos, recording sound or videoing them (including teachers)
  • seek appropriate (written) permission from individuals involved before publishing or sending photos, recorded sound or video to anyone else or to any online space
  • be respectful in the photos I take or video I capture and never use these as a tool for bullying.

This Safe and Responsible Use Agreement also applies during school excursions, camps and extra-curricula activities.

For further support with online issues students can call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800. Parents/carers can call Parentline 132289 or visit http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/report.aspx

Please return the following form signed to the College to acknowledge our agreement to the Safe and Responsible Use of the internet and digital technologies at Tallangatta Secondary College. Keep the copy of the Safe and Responsible Use Agreement for your reference.

This form needs to be returned prior to your child being issued their Netbook at the beginning of the academic year.

Each year you will be required to acknowledge your ongoing agreement by signing the nominated section of the Student Organiser.

I acknowledge and agree to follow these rules. I understand that my access to the internet and mobile technology at school will be renegotiated if I do not act responsibly