Frequently Asked Questions

Question) Can i use my own XYZ brand of laptop?
Answer) No, only notebooks purchased through the TSC Store will work at school. These devices have been selected and tested to fulfil the following categories

  • Compatible with the schools wireless network.
  • 3 Year onsite warrenty including Accidental damage to the device (To cover broken screens, keyboards, etc)
  • Battery capacity to use the device for a full school day.
  • Protected with enterprise antivirus
  • Access to subject specific licensed software titles like Adobe Photoshop
  • Bulk and education discount pricing
  • Onsite stock of some spare parts and standby loan notebooks
  • Access to backed up network storage for school work.

Question) What is Dell Accidental Damage Policy
Answer)  Accidental Damage is an insurance policy that will cover damage to your notebook that is deemed accidental. This might include broken: LCD screens, latches, hinges, speakers, keyboard, etc. Damage that is deemed non-accidental will not be covered by this policy. The PDF can be found on the Terms and conditions page.

Question) What cost is there for a Accidental damage claim?
Answer) There is no fee! However there is a limit of one per year.